Since the production of Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold in 2009, three apologies by membes of state government have been made for the events at Malaga. And, a revealing document from 1913 was “discovered.” As the Malaga story continues to unfold, we’ll post updates to the story here.

Joint Resolution Recognizing the Tragic Expulsion of the Residents of Malaga Island, 124th Legislature, April 7, 2010.

Under the leadership of State Representative Herb Adams of Portland, in 2010, the 124th Legislature of Maine formally expressed “profound regret” for the eviction of the Malaga residents nearly a hundred years prior. The resolution was co-sponsored by several legislators including those from Woolwich and Bath, towns near Malaga, and Phippsburg, the home of Malaga. You can read the entire document below as well as listen to Herb Adams read this historic document into the record before the legislature.

ME House of Rep Malaga Island Resolve_April 7 2010.pdf

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