Since the production of Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold in 2009, three apologies by membes of state government have been made for the events at Malaga. And, a revealing document from 1913 was “discovered.” As the Malaga story continues to unfold, we’ll post updates to the story here.


At the opening for the Maine State Museum’s exhibit “Malaga Island: Fragmented Lives” in May of 2012, Governor Paul LePage spoke about the eviction and offered his apologies for the state’s action in 1912.

“To the descendents,” he declared, “I will tell you as a governor, I will say, we apologize for this hardship we have caused you. We did similar things to the Native Americans here. And, frankly, ten years after Malaga Island was destroyed, the largest Ku Klux Klan rally in the history of the United States was right here in Maine, against the French Catholics coming down here from Quebec. So, we understand. We have been part of it as well. So, my sincerest apology on behalf of the people of Maine to the descendents.” The Governor’s full, unedited remarks are below.

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