From the Salt Institute gallery show of Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold, produced by Kate Philbrick, photographer, and Rob Rosenthal, radio producer.

Photo Illustrations and Documents

As a documentary photographer, I photograph what is happening in front of me. I record what I see in the most truthful way possible. Working on a story which happened in the early 1900's was challenging because I wasn't there to record events such as the houses being dismantled and moved or Governor Plaisted's visit to the island. I had to find a way to visually portray the contrast of the islanders as they really were with the newspapers depiction of the community.

Our research for this story led us to local archives in Maine and one in Boston, to find documentation of what happened leading up to the eviction and it's aftermath. I was able to scan roughly two hundred documents and old photographs referring to Malaga and it's people. This section of imagery is a combination of some of those scanned documents with photographs I took on my visits to the island during a two and a half year period. For me, these photo illustrations show the layers of this sad story that still effect the community.

Kate Philbrick, Project Photographer

Malaga Today
Photo Illustrations

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