Since the production of Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold in 2009, three apologies by membes of state government have been made for the events at Malaga. And, a revealing document from 1913 was “discovered.” As the Malaga story continues to unfold, we’ll post updates to the story here.


In September of 2010, Governor John Baldacci visited Malaga Island. He was the first governor to do so since Governor Plaisted toured the island in 1911. After Plaisted’s visit, the islanders were evicted. Baldacci, on the other hand, apologized for his predecessor’s actions.

Governor Baldacci came to the island as part of a celebration marking the dedication of Malaga as part of the Maine Freedom Trail. At the podium, the governor briefly put his notes down to speak directly to the audience of over forty. “To the descendants of Benjamin Darling, let me just say that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what was done. It wasn't right and we were raised better than that. We're better people than that." Listen to his full, unedited address below.

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